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Brian Nallick
My back problems started many years ago in my early teens. After many years, many doctors, a couple of chiropractors and a ton of frustration I have finally found a doctor who could help. I have found Dr. Millsop to be knowledgeable, friendly and above all else effective. He won't try and sell you anything you don't want. His focus is on getting you better, not draining your wallet. You won't feel like you're in an infomercial during your visit being bombarded by product placement and false promises. And their new location is an absolutely gorgeous place to be. Visually stunning, you have to see it yourself to truly appreciate it. If you've lost faith in Chiropractic and are as disgruntled as I was then give Adam a chance to change your mind. He did mine.

Dick Carlson
Had jaw discomfort and golfers elbow for quite awhile and had been to a handful of Dr.'s with no real help. First visit with Dr. Millsop was very comfortable and he explained what he thought he could do to help. I was afraid he would suggest that I need to stop in 3 x a week for several weeks-but he stated that I was the one in pain and I should call when I wanted help. He did several adjustments and showed me several stretches to help the elbows. They are not perfect, but a heck of a lot better that they were-and I am biking about 100 miles a week with little or no pain. Highly recommend Dr. Millsop to anyone.

Joan Nordeen
Dr. Adam Millsop has been my chiropractor since he began his career in the field. Dr. Adam listens and makes decisions about one's care very carefully. He always thinks about how to achieve the best results for you. His knowledge of the profession is outstanding and he continually strives to improve himself. He makes me feel comfortable and I trust him with the decisions he makes regarding my care. He is a very calm, respectful individual and I would highly recommend him to future clients. I always feel so much better after my adjustments. He has also assisted other members of my family. I would like to thank you Dr. Adam for always taking such great care of us!
Kyle L.
Finance Manager
Trying to state active as we age is tough, especially when aches and pains deter us. Having a Chiropractor that takes care of you so you can stay active is a great thing. Dr. Millsop is that doctor, he puts the time in to ensure your health is his #1 priority. It's always been a wonderful experience!! The staff is the best and Dr. Millsop truly cares about his patients, their health and well being!! Thank you!
Eric P.
Dr. Millsop is a really great Chiropractor. He doesn't make people come in for endless treatment plans, just helps fix the problems.
Rob S.
One priority I have in Chiropractors is someone who understands how what they do works and why they are doing it. Dr. Millsop gets that and is able to pass it along to his patients. No pre-paid plans, no long term "Maintenance care" just focused, ethical treatment tailored to the individual.
Luke T.
Have old injuries or new injuries that need help, Dr. Millsop is where its at!! His Active Release Technique that he applied to my hip helped tremendously with an issue I have had for many years. Dr. Millsop treats you more than just a patient, he treats you like family and does all he can to take care of you. Most are in it for money and treat you like a number, his number one thing is helping YOU! Do yourself a favor and time and go to him the first time get moving right the FIRST time with the professional care of Dr. Millsop!
Lindsey Taylor
Dr. Millsop is the best in the business. He's helped me get my neck mobility back and he's also funny, smart and offers helpful general health tips for me to continue to become a happier and healthier person! I recommend him to everyone!
Chris Cooper
Dr. Millsop is into the latest and greatest research available, and I like that. He put his patient's outcomes first and is all about finding the best care available to each person.
Bethany H.
Adam Millsop is truly an AMAZING chiropractor. I have seen many chiropractors over the years and never found one like Dr. Millsop. Each time I go into his office I am greeted by name and treated so well by the staff. Dr. Milsop spends the time to bring me the relief I need in my back and neck. I look forward to my appointments at his office and I never leave disappointed. I would defiantly recommend Dr. Millsop to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, caring and professional chiropractor.
Brian L.
"The chiropractor's chiropractor" Dr. Millsop has been treating me for various injuries for a number of years. He is honest and ethical as well as a great practitioner. He is patient focused and determined to provide results. His experience and technique is beyond the average chiropractor. I know, I am a chiropractor.
Andrew C.
I like that Dr. Millsop just gets to the root of the problem, takes care of it, and discharges. Very respectful.
Kathryn Gustafson
Six months ago, I developed pain in my left heel following heavy work hauling grass with a garden cart and wearing old shoes. A friend told me the symptoms were plantar fascitis. I started to do foot exercises, got new tennis shoes and ordered orthotic inserts for them, a night brace and pressure sleeves. This helped, but I continued to have heel pain and began limping with the pain. Dr. Adam spoke of completing a class in active release and would I like him to try this on my foot. Two treatments and I was able to walk without pain! I continue to have some discomfort due to a confirmed bone spur. I wear supportive shoes and am able to walk without constant pain and a limp.
Carol Conant
Dr. Adam Millsop has been a great help in relieving the pain I had in my hips, lower back, mid-back and neck. He has wonderful people skills. I have always felt my physical complaints were heard and addressed. I highly recommend his care.
Jerry Lindsey
Retired Teacher, Avid Golfer, Effingham, IL
I am a golfer who golfs every day that the weather permits or the course is open. An iboprofen or two has allowed me to play with only slight back pain for many years. In November of 2014 I began noticing increased lower back pain. This was continual during the day and night, so I went to a chiropracter whose adjustment helped for a few weeks, but then the pain returned. At age 70 I was ready to give in to the thought of it being arthritis. When spring golf began I went to see Adam four times in one week for adjustments. I have not needed medicine since, and have been playing great. Adam promised me that I would not have to give in to arthritis and he fulfilled that promise. Great job Dr. Millsop.
Norma Wofford-Amos
I would like to take this time to thank you for the excellent chiropractic services you have provided. Two years ago I was planning a high-risk neurological surgery to my cervical spine because of severe pain and numbness in my right shoulder, arm and hand. I started coming to your clinic March 2011 for strengthening, adjustments, ultrasound and exercises. I have seen a dramatic change in the level of pain I was having. I'm currently able to sleep throughout the night with very little pain and numbness. I would like to recognize you for the wonderful work you do, the compassion, and the kindness that you show to your patients, and the extra time that you always provide to explain every procedure.
Julie McChesney
I'm a 54-year-old woman that has been very active all my life. About a year ago, I started having problems with my knees, and they would lock up every now and then. It got to the point that I would get severe pain in one of my knees that almost put tears in my eyes. Not wanting to go see a doctor for the reason of not wanting surgery, I ignored it for awhile until I couldn't take the pain anymore. Thankfully, I had dinner with a friend that had been seeing a chiropractor for quite some time and was just in the maintenance stages. Ironically, she also started seeing a chiropractor for a knee problem and told me that not only was her knee feeling great, but her whole body was. She knew what a skeptic I was and said why not try it, it can't hurt anything. Not wanting to drive as far, my friend was able to get a reference from her chiropractor. The reference was for Dr. Adam Millsop. Very doubtful that he could help me, I made an appointment and the rest is history. Not only did he help my knee, there were other places that bothered me that I wasn't even aware of. I am now just seeing him once in awhile for maintenance. I would recommend Dr. Adam to anyone. If fact, I did - my brother. Thanks Dr. Adam, you have done wonders for me.
Rob Speirs
One priority I have in Chiropractors I'd recommend for friends and family is someone who understands how what they do works and why they are doing it. Dr. Millsop gets that and is able to pass it along to his patients. No pre-paid plans, no long term "Maintenance care", just focused, ethical treatment tailored to the individual.
Troy C.
Dr. Millsop is the Best! Dr. Millsop is not only smart, and knowledgeable about his profession, most importantly he truly cares about his patients. You can trust Dr. Millsop to help you get back to feeling great again.